Big fire hits Chicago

Big fire hits Chicago
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Big fire hits Chicago
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Big fire hits Chicago

CHICAGO’S LOSS. The city’s cleaning up after its biggest fire “in many years,” in the historic Central Manufacturing District, Chicago’s first office park. [Correcting earlier post, which conflated two separate fires, one from 2006. Thanks, Bernie Tafoya.]

[UPDATE] PEARL JAM @ WRIGLEY FIELD. After a day of teasing on Twitter, Pearl Jam confirms a July 19 show in Chicago.

TWEETS FROM A SHOOTING SPREE. As a gunfight unfolded on a Texas college campus, one student communicated with friends, family and reporters using Twitter.
* Human rights organization developing app to confirm authenticity of photos, audio and video shared from mobile phones.

SO: SHOULD TEXAS COLLEGE STUDENTS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CARRY CONCEALED WEAPONS ON CAMPUS? A state senator pushing the idea says he stands by his proposal to give them just that.
* NRA chief blasts Obama plan for gun control, alluding again to armed protection for Obama’s kids.
* Jon Stewart on display of weapons during Inaugural festivities: “Jesus, that’s a lot of guns.”

AN OVERTIMELY REPORT. City of Chicago numbers show a police communications operator in the Office of Emergency Management made $91,116 in overtime over 10 months last year, for total earnings of $169,000 — about $1,000 more than the annual salary of her boss.
* White House announces “National Day of Civic Hacking,” when cities — including Chicago — and federal agencies encourage computer programmers to gather in quest of ways to liberate government data and create useful apps. NASA’s making its space stats available, too.
* The Onion:NASA Continues Search For Planet Capable Of Supporting NASA.”

IF YOU’RE MY FRIEND AND YOU’VE LIKED ‘FREAKS AND GEEKS’ ON FACEBOOK, YOU ARE SO BUSTED. Facebook’s rollout of its new “Graph Search” function now intersects the universe of WBEZ bloggers.
* Why is it called “Graph Search”? Because of the social graph.
* Still, “the name ‘Graph Search’ is horrendous.”

AN ICE START. After a win in their home opener, the Blackhawks are on pace to a perfect season.
* Their “first 3-0 start in forever.”

AS FORETOLD HERE. A new study has found the first evidence of football-related brain damage in living NFL veterans with cognitive and emotional problems.
* (What’s left of) The week ahead.

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