Board Of Elections Officials Prepare For Illinois Primary

Board Of Elections Officials Prepare For Illinois Primary

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Cook County Clerk David Orr says record breaking early voting in this election cycle could indicate a strong turnout for tomorrow.

Back in 2008, when then Illinois U.S. Senator Barack Obama was running for president, primary turnout was a little over 40 perfect.

Orr expects this year’s numbers to meet or even exceed that.

He says voting is getting easier with day-of registration being offered at a voter’s home precinct.

Orr says the Cook County Board of Elections will have attorneys on hand to watch out for any problems.

He adds that for the voter, the process keeps getting easier for people who move with National Change of Address cards.

“We can automatically update their registration,” Orr said. “That is the future.”

Yolanda Perdomo is a reporter at WBEZ. Follower her at @yolandanews.