Buck up, Bears fans! Backup QBs? We’ve lived it before (Paging P.T. Willis)

Buck up, Bears fans! Backup QBs? We’ve lived it before (Paging P.T. Willis)
Buck up, Bears fans! Backup QBs? We’ve lived it before (Paging P.T. Willis)

Buck up, Bears fans! Backup QBs? We’ve lived it before (Paging P.T. Willis)

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My new theory: Did Rivers shake Cutler's hand too hard? (AP)

The overcast skies on this dreary Monday morning are not a coincidence. Chicago is in mourning. News should be confirmed today that Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler will miss the remainder of the regular season and quite possibly the playoffs, due to a broken thumb on his throwing hand.

Now is the time, Chicago. Let it all out. Get it out. I know. It hurts. Let’s all take a moment to share a cry. Here, I’ll help. There will be no more of this:

It will probably be more of this:

Ah, Shane Matthews (AP)

This news comes after Jay Cutler arguably had his best day as a Bear. With his arm, his legs and his toughness, Cutler showed why the Bears went out and got him. He also was leading a now 7-3 Bears team that many Sunday morning analysts said is the only team that could give Green Bay a run for the title.

I’ve received condolences far and wide from friends and family. It kind of feels like a loved one has passed.

The Bears become the only legitimate NFC playoff contender to lose their starting quarterback for the season. But this isn’t the first time. We all remember the smashing success stories of back-up quarterbacks leading their team to playoff glory. Stories like Steve Fuller, Doug Flutie, Mike Tomczak, P.T. Willis, Shane Matthews, Steve Walsh and Kyle Orton. All of those names bring back victorious memories, right Bears fans? Oh wait. Yikes.

It’s not all gloom and doom. Hanie and the Bears are in a position to still win some games and still contend for a playoff spot. And truthfully, the team is not in a dire situation like when, say Shane Matthews or P.T. Willis was forced into action. Hanie seems to have a grasp on the offense and showed glimpses of competence during the NFC Championship game after Cutler left with a knee injury. And the Bears are in rhythm with an easy schedule in front of them.

But still…can someone cook me up a casserole? I’m mourning and in no mood to cook.

Here are some random observations from watching the Bears beat up on the Chargers:

  • Cutler was brilliant. But to quote This is Spinal Tap: “There’s a fine line between stupid and clever.” Cutler was just on, and somewhat lucky. There have been many games like yesterday where Cutler throws three picks instead of threading the needle for a third down conversion. There were a couple throws that were “brilliant” that I’ve seen before, when they were called “reckless.”
  • Does Mike Martz like Caleb Hanie? I don’t think he does. Uh-oh.
  • The Bears defense was penalized for “excessive group celebration.” (Insert Occupy Chicago joke here). Mine? The Bears were penalized for excessive group celebration. Refs pepper-sprayed the unit and moved them back half the distance to the goal line.
  • So who do we blame on the interception play that Cutler broke his thumb on, trying to stop the Chargers’ defensive touchdown (which he did, and saved the game). The pass was intercepted because Johnny Knox slipped on the route. The announcer (Phil Simms) blamed the slip on Knox leaning forward too much. What? Is that the reason? Is anyone blaming the Soldier Field turf? Either way, Cutler’s injury was caused by the Bears’ biggest weakness: Either bad receiving play or terrible turf. So Jerry Angelo or Rahm Emanuel actually broke Cutler’s thumb. You pick. Oh, and I dropped Knox from my fantasy team for that play. I know he had a good game, but I don’t want players on my squad falling down on the job. It’s the principle.
  • I don’t like to gossip, but maybe Cutler broke his own thumb after hearing that his lady is being accused of messing around with a Kardashian’s man.
  • Look! A Roy Williams’ sighting! Roy Williams caught a few passes on one scoring drive. It was as close to a QB/#1 WR relationship we’ve seen in a while. They were in rhythm and it was less about the play call and more about Williams winning his battle on every play. That’s what a #1 WR does. Man, that would have been awesome for the month of December.
  • So the dude from Avatar is doing the Call of Duty commercials? You are a movie star. Can you give some of the scraps to other hunky actors? Jeesh.
  • Maybe it’s time for Charles Tillman to get a sponsorship deal. He’s going to make the Pro Bowl this year, but I’m talking something along the lines of UFC. Or maybe some new chip product that packs a punch? Or Charles Tillman’s Fruit Punch! Charles Tillman’s Punch Out! Charles Tillman’s school for street fighting!
  • Did you see the shot of Virginia McCaskey yesterday? Close up, she was drinking what looked like a can of Diet Dr. Pepper. Is she sneaking in her own beverage to Soldier Field? What’s up with that, security?
  • Finally, the new holiday commercials have really ramped up. I’m putting my resources into a holiday themed blog post: Has anyone ever bought their spouse a Lexus as a holiday gift? Most Lexus dealers will probably lie and say they have, but I need to get to the bottom of this. It just seems really far-fetched, right? And really, with the economy in the crapper, I’m going to buy my wife a $50,000 car, plus $350 for a huge, red bow?