Campaign surprise in race to replace Jesse Jackson Jr.

Campaign surprise in race to replace Jesse Jackson Jr.

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House of Representatives Building and the East Portico of the U.S. Capitol -- Washington (DC) January 2013 by Ron Cogswell, on Flickr
‘NINE DAYS LEFT? WHY WOULD YOU GET OUT?’ One of the candidates in the race to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. in Congress questions why a rival has suddenly dropped out and tossed her support to yet another candidate.* Gov. Quinn on NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s financial interest in the election: “We should not allow anyone with huge amounts of money to dictate the terms of the political debate.”

‘THERE’S PLENTY OF ROOM UNDER THE SECOND AMENDMENT FOR GUN CONTROL.’ A UCLA law prof says the Constitution provides a roadmap to gun regulation.

* “The argument that armed civilians are just as capable as law enforcement at stopping crime is essentially the same as saying ‘police don’t need training.‘” — Huffington Post’s Walker Bragman.

* At least two Chicago high school students gunned down Saturday and Sunday.

METEORITE HUNT. The search is under way for more fragments of the meteorite blamed for 1,200 injuries and millions of dollars in damage in Russia.
* Why one of the world’s only full-time meteorite hunters probably isn’t going.
* Astronaut on Reddit: “To think of that hypersonic dumb lump of rock randomly hurtling into us … sent a shiver up my back.”
* Borowitz Report satire: “House Science Committee Questions Existence of Meteors.”

COOL VIDEO OF THE DAY. “Mathemusician” Vi Hart uses a music box and a Möbius strip to explain space-time theory.
* How would discovery of life on another planet affect traditional religion?

OBAMA + TIGER WOODS. They golfed this weekend, but out of the public eye.
* White House reporters complain about lack of access.
* Historic audio of President Johnson ordering pants — newly animated.

CUBS + CH. 9: SPLITSVILLE? A relationship that dates back to 1948 may end.
* Cubs boss: “On a mission to be the best organization in baseball.”
* Cubs players pull practical joke on manager.
* Boxers Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield reunite — at a Jewel-Osco supermarket in Chicago.
* The Onion:Michael Jordan Celebrates 50th Birthday With Last People He Hasn’t Completely Alienated Yet.”

PUBLIC RADIO APP. The new version lets you listen to WBEZ and hundreds of other local stations around the country — and download show episodes to hear later. Ars Technica puts it first four iPhone apps to try this week.
* Journalism prof lays into BBC for “irresponsible” coverage of Facebook hack.

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