Can I get the rights for the Tony Rezko biopic? I’d call it Medium Security

Can I get the rights for the Tony Rezko biopic? I’d call it Medium Security
Can I get the rights for the Tony Rezko biopic? I’d call it Medium Security

Can I get the rights for the Tony Rezko biopic? I’d call it Medium Security

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Who should play this guy? I say Michael Douglas (AP)

I have a great idea for a movie. Probably made-for-TV, but still: our main character came to this country not speaking the language, met a guy on the plane and ended up staying with him for a couple of months. Then he became a huge real estate mogul, dealt with major politicians like US Senators (Obama) and state governors (Blagojevich). Got busted, almost took down a President, did take down a Governor and now is out of cash and going to federal prison. When he’s out, the movie should wrap up with him getting on the plane and meeting some new dude, like it starts all over again. We’ll call it REZKO. Or MAXIMUM IMPACT, if you just like those action movie titles.

B story: Doesn’t it seem like the stalemate in Congress could be solved by just stepping up? To me, America is a crowded bus. And even though most responsible citizens move to the rear, one woman (dress suit, tennis shoes) decides she is just going to stand by the back door. She doesn’t want to fight the crowd to get to that door when the bus arrives at her stop. The bus continues to fill and even though the tension rises, she refuses to recognize it. She stands indignant. She’s not moving back. So therefore, everyone behind her is huffing and sheepishly yelling to those around “move back!” and the bus driver even tries a shout or two. But no budge. So what does that mean? The next stop, those people who have been waiting out in the rain cannot board. Bus is full, because of one stubborn woman who refused to literally step up - or step back. Make sense, Congress?

C story: You know, we aren’t giving enough props to Chicago police for not beating or spraying protesters. Look around the country and it seems like every police department is embroiled in controversy for using force while arresting protesters. Aaron Freeman put together this commentary yesterday - and he calls it out: Occupy Chicago is Da Occupation.

I went by the Occupy Chicago site last night at the corner of LaSalle and Jackson around 8pm. Nobody was there. A few cops were mingling, but not one protester. Have they moved inside? Or did the bitter, cold November night deter them from occupying?

D story: This was in Chicago Current last week. It’s a cartoon of Karen Lewis and Arne Duncan. Who knew you were an animator, Dougherty? I want in! This video/cartoon tool may just be the added wrinkle this blog needs. We’ll apply it to the 30 minute versions of our editorial meetings…

Also in Chicago Current and the Trib was the Daily Beast story that O’Hare is the worst airport in the country. Really?

E story: Really? You get arrested for tampering with grades? Take a look at the Trib and Sun-Times today: The teacher who allegedly tampered with high school grades has a mug shot. And really? This is your number one story on line, Trib? Oh…she’s good looking! Got it. Never fails, newspaper editors.

Weather: Still November. I lost my ski cap. And I got scraped in the head this morning by an errant umbrella.

Sports: Life without Cutler begins this week. Although I think we’ll be surprised at the play of Caleb Hanie. At least Cutler isn’t out for the year and let’s face it, we weren’t going to win the division anyway. So if we stay relatively healthy, win a couple gimme games in December, we should be playing the Saints or the Giants/Cowboys in a first round road playoff game - hopefully with our franchise QB.

Also in sports-related news, Kenny Williams had his house broken into. The perp was found wearing his ring. He also defrosted a lobster.

Kicker: Hey, my beard is coming together. I think I’m winning the WBEZ beard contest. Eight days to go!