Can we remove Penn State from the Big Ten now?

Can we remove Penn State from the Big Ten now?
Can we remove Penn State from the Big Ten now?

Can we remove Penn State from the Big Ten now?

Ahghghgh! C'mon guys! Let's kill the media for reporting on child abuse!!!! (AP)

So Penn State’s students are up in arms about the firing of Joe Paterno? I caught up to the story pretty late yesterday and I thought the campus gatherings were about students disgusted with the administration amid alleged cover-up over pedaphilia charges. But it seems they are disgusted about the firing of Joe Paterno. What’s happening in the world today? Also, I’m glad the Board of Trustees acted fast in firing anyone involved with the allegations (or cover-up of those allegations). But I really hope that the board has clean hands too. If any of those people knew about the charges and scapegoated others, this is just going to get bigger.

So the Occupy Penn State movement should be called “Don’t fire our coach!!! We had a chance to go to a bowl game!!!!”

Should have never let these guys in the Big Ten. Been saying it for years.

B story: So what is holding up gambling in the Chi? Yesterday, the IL house shot down the newest gambling bill that was (sort of?) a compromise to the last bill that Quinn shot down. Reports had Quinn possibly compromising, but the CNC reported today that it was Quinn that went after this bill and rallied support to kill it. Color me confused. Among Quinn’s objections is slots at the track?! Is this huge, monumental change in Chicago history being shot down because of nickel slots at the race track? Horses, not dogs, right? I would buy morality, but this? Please.

C story: Is it time to pay attention yet? I’m waiting for someone to tell me when to start paying attention to presidential debates for the 2012 election. I guess primaries are coming up soon. But obviously, people are paying attention because my Facebook feed blew up last night when Texas Governor Rick Perry had a senior moment. I watched it. Not that big of a deal. I thought he handled it fine. You can ask my wife - I have a difficult time finishing sentences. So no harm, no foul. Eric Zorn is asking for your senior moments today. He believes this is much more widespread…

Weather: Woah, it got very wintery. I can’t believe the summer is over. Didn’t we just have a blizzard and now we are back to winter? UGH.

Sports: Slow day in sports, so I turn to some internal sporting events. Our own COO Alison Scholly won the Bucktown Apple Pie contest a few weeks back!!! But she went by a different name to purposely throw me off the story. Luckily, co-workers read Grub Street Chicago and Alison Summy was caught in her web of lies. Okay, maybe that was harsh. She has two names. Big deal. But let me just say spies, mobsters and con men usually have two names. I digress. Big congrats to Scholly/Summy who bested her third place finish a couple years back. Two years ago, Scholly screwed up big time on a apple pie and didn’t place. This put her into a reflective mode, as she took last year off completely. And this year? “I knew it was a great apple pie. Maybe the best one ever,” said Scholly after I confronted her this morning. She wasn’t wrong. Here’s the post-game interview:

Kicker: FYI - new Schadenfreude show tomorrow. My comedy group is doing a comedy show. It will include all your blog favorites, including 53rd Ward Alderman Ed Bus and drunk Cubs fan, Colleen Henneman. We just cleaned out our storage unit, so wigs and props aplenty. Actually, we’re calling this show “The storage unit rent is too damn high.” Tomorrrow night, Beat Kitchen. 8pm.

I am the 99 percent...who can't afford a storage unit for props (That's Kate James in picture with me)