Canned Pumpkin Shortage is Over

Canned Pumpkin Shortage is Over

Fans of canned pumpkin can breathe easier this fall, the product shortage is over.

Last year, twice the amount of typical rainfall hit pumpkin farms in Morton, Illinois, ruining the harvest. Most of the country’s canned pumpkin is produced from Morton farms for Nestle.

Roz O’Hearn is a company spokesperson.

O’HEARN: We were down to the last six cans from the 2009 harvest which we had here at the office as sort of a visual reminder of what was a really tough year. And we’re really happy that Mother Nature is being much nicer to us this year. While there’s some rain in the forecast, it’s normal rain.

She says harvest is a third of the way over and cans started arriving in stores last week