Carl Bernstein and Dorothy Parker Redux

Carl Bernstein and Dorothy Parker Redux

The Year in Review is a week away and reflections on our recent year have been percolating amongst our super talented cast of reporters and, what I have taken to calling “interesting people.”

2013 was one of those years when so much happened: Edward Snowden was either a hero or a traitor by revealing the underlying truth of the effects of the Patriot Act, the shutdown of the government and the showdown between Obama and the Tea Party, the Supreme Court turning back Civil Rights Voting Legislation and striking down DOMA, the typhoon in the Phillipines. “Selfies” makes the dictionary and Breaking Bad went out with a bang. Rob Ford, Paula Deen, and Robin Thicke.

And here are the bios of a couple more of the cast:


As the criminal and legal affairs reporter for WBEZ, Rob is responsible for covering federal and state courts as well as law enforcement agencies and issues of crime.

Rob’s reporting appears on air and online for WBEZ, and he is a regular contributor to the station’s talk shows. His experience covering legal and criminal justice issues has made Rob invaluable in bringing deep and knowledgeable conversations, guests and issues to our audiences. He is a dogged interviewer, and a thought-provoking guest on WBEZ shows. He’s also a favorite of other public affairs programs locally and beyond.


J.H. Palmer co-produces the monthly live lit series That’s All She Wrote. Her writing has appeared on The Toast, Story Club Magazine, and Gapers Block. She has appeared at a number of storytelling and live lit venues including Story Lab, Story Club, Essay Fiesta, The Paper Machete, This Much Is True, 2nd Story, Tuesday Funk, Massmouth, Adult Education, SKALD, Mortified, WRITE CLUB! and The Moth GrandSLAM. She is thrilled to be part of Year In Review, and reminds you to tip your bartender.

This night is going to be one for the time capsule.

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