Caught on Film: How Chicago dealt with the big snow 44 years ago

Caught on Film: How Chicago dealt with the big snow 44 years ago

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At this point, looking at images of a city buried in snow is a little like bringing sand to a beach.

But I got a kick out of checking out home movies, posted on youtube, of Chicagoans coping with the Blizzard of ‘67. Lets kick off today’s offerings with the above video posted by Marilyn Quiroz of the historic Pullman neighborhood dealing with big snow back then. The jet-set background music is as cool as a pair of Ray-Bans. And the video is intersperced with pretty crisp still photos, such as the ones of the Michigan Avenue shopping district in Roseland—with the old Gatelys store still in business.

And look out below: The Big Tuna, WMAQ anchor Floyd Kalber is smoothly anchoring a news broadcast on the snow with great footage of 1960’s Chicago. Kalber passed away seven years ago; Comcast NBC Universal said last week it was retiring its peacock icon. But blizzards we’ll have with us always.

Let’s conclude by jumping forward to the Blizzard of ‘79, with this video from the Media Burn archives that is a poetic take on the age-old Chicago tradition of calling dibs on shoveled-out parking spaces by putting chairs in the cleared spots: