Chad Briggs thinks the Girl Scouts should start offering an Apology Badge

Chad Briggs thinks the Girl Scouts should start offering an Apology Badge

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A Connecticut troop in the 1920s (Flickr/arcx1972)
The Girls Scouts have had a rough time lately, for a group of children who wear multicolored vests. The latest slam came from Indiana State Rep. Bob Morris, who wrote a letter to his colleagues in which he alleged that the organization had been “radicalized” and claimed that had “a close strategic affiliation with Planned Parenthood.”

This week, Morris apologized; however, he didn’t entirely recant his claims. As such, his apology wasn’t enough for some people like comedian Chad Briggs. Read an excerpt of Briggs’ thoughts on the matter, or listen below:

“Oh ladies! February has been a tough month for you. From all-male panels for congressional hearings on birth control, to honoring abusive men at the Grammys, to the proposal of unnecessary and humiliating procedures for women seeking abortions in Virginia. Not to mention these Real Housewives shows seem to be multiplying asexually.

It’s been a dark time all around. Believe me, if I were in charge, I’d order a massive distribution of flowers and fancy bath oils all around this country. You deserve it, because GIRL, it has been a month.

And the high profile cases of men being jerks to females isn’t just limited to adults. This week those little sash-wearing, cookie-slinging sweethearts, the Girl Scouts, came under fire from an Indiana lawmaker. You see, the Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year and the Indiana state legislature was poised to honor them by doing what state governments do best: passing some dopey nonbinding resolution that says ‘Yayyy.’

But hold the phone, Hoosiers! At least until you hear what Bob Morris (R) of Fort Wayne has to say.”

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