Chicago greenlights new reality show: America’s Next Top Recycler

Chicago greenlights new reality show: America’s Next Top Recycler
Chicago greenlights new reality show: America’s Next Top Recycler

Chicago greenlights new reality show: America’s Next Top Recycler

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This is a very interesting way to govern: Mayor Emanuel is taking on city wide recycling, but making it more of like a reality show competition. The city will essentially be divided up into areas that will be serviced by the city and areas serviced by a private companies. Best performer gets the full Monty. They get the recycling contract and a recording contract with Capitol Records. The catch is that each team in this recycle-off has to have a washed up B-celebrity working on a truck. And you can’t use Flava Flav or Brett Michaels.

So what should we call this game? “Recycle Race.” “America’s Next Top Recycler.” “Recycle Town.” Okay, we’re done.

But I ask you commenters, who are the judges? Just Rahm? Nah…

B story: The News of the World story is heating up with Rupert Murdoch testifying before Parliament. First off, don’t you do a security check for foam pies in Parliament? Terrible security job, England. If he was pied on the street, that’d be one thing.

Speaking of pies, remember when Governor Ryan got pied at SIU?

Instead of throwing pies at Rupert, they should ask him about when he owned the Sun-Times. Remember that? He took the ‘Bright One’ from respect to the NY Post. You could argue that Murdoch actually began the 40pt headline at the Sun-Times. Actually, the Sun-Times decline can be traced to Murdoch. Why? Because Murdoch only owned the paper for a couple years. And he sold it because he wanted to buy television stations. At that time (still?) you couldn’t own more than one media property in a market. So if you had a newspaper, you couldn’t buy television stations. Murdoch was getting into the ole’ television game (who knew how big that would get) and sold the paper to buy WFLD (Fox Chicago) and WPWR (Channel 50). He still owns those stations today.

When Murdoch bought the paper, Mike Royko famously switched papers (to Trib) with a great quote, “A fish wouldn’t be caught dead wrapped in a Murdoch newspaper.” Roger Ebert stayed and offered up “It’s not Murdoch’s paper. It’s our paper.”

C story: Nothing like an early morning fire in the middle of a heat wave. Best part of the story? The condo building is right next to the 911 Center. It was the 911 Center that called…911.

Weather: The guy from the Portillo’s drive-thru gave me the best advice. Slow down your breathing. That is the best way to beat the heat. And he used to work in Texas. So there. The other worst part? Imagine if your baby was due, say, August 1st. And you lived outside without air conditioning. That would be sucky.

Also, it’s so hot that Navy Pier is hosing down the grass. You know, to avoid a grass fire.

Sports: Governor Quinn is going to make good on his bet against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. They made the bet last year for the Bears/Packers NFC Championship game but Quinn wouldn’t pay up until the labor strife was under control. So is it under control?

Quinn was quoted by AP, “We’ll pay the bet and this year the Bears will beat the Packers twice and go to the conference championship and win and then hopefully win the Super Bowl.”

Classic Quinn: Let’s get there and see what happens.

Kicker: What happens when angry old man gets snubbed by a new casino (snubbed means no tables) and there are a ton of microphones (including WBEZ’s Jennifer Brandel)? Hello sound bite of the day (this old man uses the f-word. I keep it in for nuance):