Chicago in the national news: 10/21

Chicago in the national news: 10/21


President Obama is expected in Chicago next week as part of a four-city tour in his final campaign push before Election Day. He will hold a rally here on Saturday the 30th, reports The Washington Post. In particular, he is hoping to reach young, African American and urban voters. But The US News and World Report wonders if this strategy will backfire by turning off independent voters.

And Chicago continues to make national headlines elsewhere in election news. CNN reports that rapper Rhymefest plans to run for Chicago City Council as alderman of the 20th district. Rhymefest, whose legal name is Che Smith, is a 33-year-old Chicago native and Grammy winner who has collaborated with Kayne West. He believes hip hop can be used as a tool to bring a community together.

Meanwhile, AOL is reporting that Stephen Peterson, son of Drew Peterson (who’s currently awaiting his second murder trial), may be in jeopardy of losing his job. Peterson currently works as a police officer in Oak Brook. Reports claims that Police Chief Thomas Sheahan wants to fire Peterson who has admitted that he hid guns for his father during the Stacy Peterson investigation. Peterson was suspended in August over the incident.

The LA Times has a story on how race affects breast cancer treatment for those living in the Chicago area. Citing research conducted by The Chicago Breast Cancer Quality Consortium, African American women diagnosed with breast cancer have higher mortality rates. This is leading some experts to blame lesser quality prevention and treatment. “We found, historically, that facilities that service black women in Chicago were less likely to have digital mammography, were less likely to notify patients of abnormal results the same day they were received and were less likely to have mammograms read by breast imaging specialists,” said Dr. David Ansell, chairman of the breast cancer task force and chief medical officer for Rush University Medical Center.