Chicago Magazine’s list of the 100 most powerful Chicagoans

Chicago Magazine’s list of the 100 most powerful Chicagoans

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It’s the article that will undoubtably fuel dinner party debates from the exurbs to the Loop: Chicago Magazine’s ranking of the top 100 most powerful Chicagoans.

If you think the usual suspects will dominate the top spots on the list, think again. Not being mayor sends Daley all the way down to #59. And apparently Oprah no longer counts as a Chicagoan, but Vince Vaughn does (#91).

Across the board, from business and politics to culture and sports, there’s been a seismic shift in who calls the shots around here. But one thing is for sure: In Chicago, clout still counts. Chicago magazine editors researched for monthsーtapping into extended networks and quizzing everyone from under-the-radar players to leaders in dozens of industriesーto determine the top 100 people that make this city run.

We’ll get into their list and methodology Thursday on Afternoon Shift with Steve Edwards. Chicago Magazine senior editors David Bernstein and Marcia Froelke Coburn will be in studio. If you want Steve to ask about any particular placements, let us know in the comments.