Chicago Police Will Get Training On Bike Safety

Chicago Police Will Get Training On Bike Safety

The Chicago Department of Transportation has a plan to make biking in the city safer. CDOT is producing a training video for police about the city’s biking ordinances.

The Chicago Police Department doesn’t have data yet on how many citations were issued to drivers who opened car doors in a biker’s path, or how many tickets were given for making illegal turns in front of a cyclist.

And these are some of the situations CDOT will include in a training video to help police enforce the safe biking laws. Brian Steele is with the Department of Transportation.

STEELE: Currently, we’re in the production phase of the video. We’ve written a script. We’ve begun to shoot some of the interviews with cyclists sharing their experiences and very soon we’ll be out on the street filming actual traffic additions to be used as part of the video.

CDOT received a $25,000 grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation to make the film. It’s expected to be completed near the end of summer.