‘Chicago: Second to none.’ Well, second to use the slogan

‘Chicago: Second to none.’ Well, second to use the slogan
‘Chicago: Second to none.’ Well, second to use the slogan

‘Chicago: Second to none.’ Well, second to use the slogan

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Awesome shot Brian! (Flickr/Brian Soko)
Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs is the word of the day. Emanuel announced that Allscripts is adding 300 jobs. Then Quinn signed a bill yesterday to add more jobs. And former President Bill Clinton is coming to town to talk jobs. To quote my favorite hometown rapper Rhymefest, “Chicago step up, and get you a slice!”

B story: Chicago: Second to none. Best part of this stupid new slogan from the Chicago Convention and Tourism Bureau? It’s not even original. The city of Aurora is miffed that we stole it. So not only are we second to none, but we are second to the slogan. Chicago is a great city. How bout we just go without a slogan? I mean, we aren’t Galena. People want to come here and we don’t need hokey slogans or commercials to get them here. Rant over.

C story: The Chicago Police Enforcers won the National Public Safety Football League Division II championship by trouncing Philadelphia, 24-13. No word on whether or not this team is ready if the NFL lockout continues past the holiday weekend. I would rather pull for a policeman than anyone remotely associated with an MTV reality show.

D story: Transformers III opens up today. Everyone says it’s terrible, but I am excited about watching Chicago get destroyed, building by historic building.

Weather: Beauty.

Sports: Eddie Belfour, famed Blackhawks goalie, just made the Hall of Fame. How is this not back page news? The Sun-Times went with a big feature about the Cubs futility after losing both games of a doubleheader, and put a little corner promo for Belfour making the HOF. That’s very Chicago. Let’s focus on the negative and bury the positive story that comes along maybe three times a generation. You have 160 other days to tell us how much the Cubs suck.

Kicker: It’s pledge drive time! I’m going on-the-air at 10am. I will no doubt play a few testimonials of listeners. The ones where there is music underneath and they tell you how much they love public radio. Well, I’m surprised that nobody asked Fuzzy and Erica Gerdes. They are big fans (and inspired comics) who decided to record themselves professing their love for public radio (and mocking testimonials at the same time).

Love it!