Chicago today: Parking meter art and Mayor Daley theater

Chicago today: Parking meter art and Mayor Daley theater
Chicago today: Parking meter art and Mayor Daley theater

Chicago today: Parking meter art and Mayor Daley theater

I’ve been noticing an awesome trend - graffiti on public parking meter machines. The old parking meters weren’t big enough to scrawl random swear words or political messages on. But these new machines have drawn the ire of the fed up public. I’ve snapped a few parking meter machines for this series. If you see any awesome messages on your local parking meter machines, snap a photo and I’ll include. Here’s the first installment of my occasional series. This one is over in the Gold Coast:

Top story: The Inspector General came out yesterday and said that Mayor Daley and the TIF program unfairly favored Maggie Daley’s After School Matters program.

Man, it is times like these that I wish we had Daley in office. His response would be legendary. Can I make up what I think it would be?

Reporter: What do you say to the report that you steered money to After School Matters?

Daley: What? Wha report? After Matters is a good program for kids. For kids on the street. Kids with no place to go. What, John, you don’t like kids? You aspect me to just let deesse kids just run the street?

Reporter: No, that’s not what…

Daley: What are you gonna do with the kids? Huh, John? What are you gonna do with kids who got nothing to do after school? You gonnaa watch ‘em?

Reporter: The question is…

Daley: You guys think you have all the ansers, you take these kids. I don’t have a program for after school, I’ll basicey get scrutined by you ever day! No thank you!

Reporter: But your wife…

Daley: My wife? You talking about my wife? Don’t talk about my wife. You don’t know my wife.

And scene. If you liked this vignette, please think about donating to our pledge drive.

B story: Not only did Chicago have to endure the painful end of the real Playboy Club, but now we must relive it through the cancelation of the fake Playboy Club. NBC threw out the Chicago-based drama after woeful ratings in the first month. What does that mean for Chicago? breaks it down. Over 100 actors were employed and a slew of union workers for sets, lights and production. Yesterday I mentioned that WBEZ regular Jimmy Carrane had a guest spot on the show. “I had nothing to do with it,” Carrane said when I called for comment. “I hope this news leads to a daypart on Boss.”

All kidding aside for a moment, Chicago’s show business is taking it on the chin right now. We lost Chicago Code, now Playboy Club. Most sitcoms say they are based here, but don’t shoot here. So what’s left for all the businesses doing post-production, editing and shooting?

C story: The Gay Pride parade is being curtailed next year in an effort to cut down on public awesomeness drunkenness.

D story: West Loop streets are gone in Google maps. Wowsers. Doesn’t Google have offices here?

E story: This story grabbed our attention: Walgreens is reporting low sales because people aren’t coming in for flu shots this year since the flu season is sort of late. So do your part, America. Get sick.

Weather: Oh no. Forecasters are saying this winter will be just like last year. And in other news, long range meteorologist Josh Nagelberg is the source. He actually said “People in Chicago are going to want to move after this winter.” That quote was so stirring that the Sun-Times pulled it for their headline. And where is this joker from? My guess is Jacksonville. Hey, Josh - we’ll move because our town sucks. Not because of winter.

Sports: So the Cubs have officially asked to interview Red Sox GM Theo Epstein (says the Boston Globe). Phil Rogers says if he came here, he would likely bring his manager Terry Francona with. How about that!? These are the guys who ended the Boston curse (86 years). They would be coming here to end the Cubs curse at 103 years. Talk about drama. The Red Sox have till Thursday to either grant permission or say buzz off (Epstein is under contract). This is so interesting because they collapsed this year. Now imagine what would happen to Cub nation if these guys come in, have super success and then lose in epic collapse in front of Wrigley fans in a late World Series game. God, that would be awesome.

Kicker: This is just pure rant, which is unusual for me. So Scorsese is trotting out his George Harrison documentary on HBO tonight and the Trib has a preview/review. But what I don’t get is: Why? It’s just blatant promotion to get eyeballs on the documentary. But the regular person hasn’t seen it yet and therefore will want to talk about it tomorrow, after they watch it. But in our day and age, media will have moved on. They will say, “We covered it yesterday.” Well, no one was talking about it yesterday! They want to talk about it today! You know, a related experience?! Why do we do that, media? I thought about this because of the preview OVERKILL during the Bartman documentary on ESPN. But the day after it aired? Nothing.