Chicago's toilet trouble

Chicago's toilet trouble

Sun-Times video imageFOR LACK OF A MORE DESCRIPTIVE PHRASE: EWWWwwwwww. The Sun-Times' Dan Mihalopoulos says O'Hare Airport's supposedly new "hygenic" toilet seats ... aren't: "As the plastic wrapping rotates ... it drags up liquid from the rim of toilet bowls and leaves drops of that liquid atop seats, on the clear plastic film that’s supposed to be clean." (By the way, that's orange juice in the video, for demonstration purposes.)

RED LINE REVIVAL. The CTA says private companies are enthusiastic about investing in plans to stretch the Red Line south to 130th Street and to rebuild North Side Red and Purple Line tracks, according to the Tribune's Jon Hilkevitch.
* A bus rider's dream -- dedicated rapid-transit lanes along Ashland Avenue, letting buses move people at speeds rivaling the L -- may run afoul of business owners and other drivers.
* Survey shows what CTA riders want most.

RADIO HOST CHARGED. A lawyer with a national radio show is accused in a $10 million mortgage fraud scheme, the Trib reports.
* Rush Limbaugh: "It’s up to me and Fox News" to stop immigration reform.
* Blessing Hillary Clinton for the presidency may be in Obama's best interest.

Tweetping.netTWITTER'S WORLD. A new Web site, Tweetping, visualizes Twitter activity in real time, superimposing each tweet as a flash of light on a global map. The Atlantic's Megan Garber says it shows Twitter as "its own kind of organism."
Presidential security monitored Twitter during inauguration.
Secret Service dog falls to death at Joe Biden event.

SCOUTS HONOR 21ST CENTURY. Boy Scouts of America is considering dropping a longtime (and long ineffectualban on gay members and leaders.
* WBEZ's Nico Lang: A gay Methodist love story.

'INSTEAD OF JUST SEEING YOUR CAPPUCCINO, YOUR FRIENDS CAN SEE HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR CAPPUCCINO.' A new iPhone app -- pending approval from Apple -- takes simultaneous photos of you and the thing you're shooting.
* App offers to, um, help find right condom size.

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