CNN's Ohio rape trial coverage ridiculed

CNN's Ohio rape trial coverage ridiculed

'ANYONE WOULD FIND THEMSELVES ON THE SIDE OF ... THESE POOR YOUNG MEN, WHO WERE VERY GOOD AT TAKING TESTS AND PLAYING SPORTS WHEN THEY WERE NOT RAPING ...' Gawker ridicules CNN's coverage of the Steubenville, Ohio, trial of "star football players."
* The Atlantic: "CNN's not the only one peddling sympathy" for rapists.
* Onion parody perfectly anticipated CNN's coverage -- two years ago.
* Former porn star Traci Lords says she and her mother were also raped in Steubenville.

SPEAKING OF OHIO ... Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) has reversed his opposition to gay marriage after his own son came out; but Speaker John Boehner, also from Ohio, says he "can't imagine" ever changing his position.
* Satire from Andy Borowitz: Other Republicans inspired "to stop speaking to their children."
* U. of C. law school prof: "Those who think that the marriage of same-sex couples is incompatible with their religious beliefs ... cannot legitimately or with a proper respect for the American system of law and justice attempt to impose those beliefs on those who disagree."

CTA FARES CONFUSING? HERE'S HELP. With even some board members seemingly bewildered by the plan they approved last week, the Tribune serves up a chart translating how you pay now to how you'll pay under the incoming Ventra system.

THE STORY OBAMA, REPUBLICANS 'DON'T DARE TALK ABOUT.' In another time, another political climate, you might expect President Obama or his opposition to brag about the Dow's stratospheric rise. But writing for Mediaite, Joe Concha says both sides are quiet: Obama, to avoid compromising his rep as "champion for Main Street"; Republicans, to avoid suggesting "any good economic news ... going into the midterm election season."
* Sarah Palin makes fun of Obama's teleprompter reliance ... while reading from a teleprompter.
* ABC contributor Matthew Dowd says Palin and the rest of the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference reminded him of "a 'Flintstones' episode."

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'EARTH HOUR TEACHES ALL THE WRONG LESSONS.' An adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School says this Saturday's environmental awareness-raising festivities will in fact increase the world's carbon dioxide emissions.
* Following undercover video showing cows struggling to stand as they were prodded to slaughter by forklifts, new legislation in states across the country seeks to end farm-animal abuse ... (wait for it) ... videos.

'Veronica Mars''HOW I SAVED VERONICA MARS AND DESTROYED THE MOVIE INDUSTRY.' Reflecting on the Kickstarter campaign that seems set to revive the TV show starring Kristen Bell, Brian S Hall says he did it with "technology I carry around with with me everyday."
* Is New York-based startup a cable TV killer?


A national survey finds that, over the last 40 years, in all regions of the country, the percentage of U.S. homes with guns is _____ (up, down, unchanged).

Which of these events now holds the record for most tweets per minute? (Pope Francis' 2013 election, Barack Obama's 2012 reelection, Barack Obama's 2008 election, The Britney-Madonna kiss at the VMAs.)

Now it's your turn to avenge those who guessed incorrectly.

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