Coya Paz thinks Chicago should try to be more like Houston and desegregate

Coya Paz thinks Chicago should try to be more like Houston and desegregate

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Houston, one of the nation's least segregated cities (Flickr/telwink)
“The results of a Census data study conducted by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research revealed that segregation in urban areas has gone down nationwide, with Chicago experiencing the second-largest declines,” the Huffington Post reported last week. “But the study, titled ‘The End of the Segregated Century,’ also found that Chicago remains the most racially segregated city in the country.”

Writer and director Coya Paz takes a look at a few a few surprising cities to the south to see what Chicago might aspire to. Read an excerpt or listen below:

So I know it came as a shock to many of us in Chicago when the Huffington Post trumpted the news this week that, yet again, Census data reveals that Chicago is the most segregated of the major American cities. Those of you who live in Englewood or Lincoln Park are probably extra surprised, as no doubt you imagined you were living in a post-racial, multi-cultural fantasia. I’m pretty sure we can file this news item under “Duh.”

But here’s something: Guess what the least segregated city is? You’re probably thinking like New York, or maybe Miami. But it’s Houston. Followed by Dallas. I know it’s easy to be a little bit prejudiced against Texas, just, you know, on reflex, but honestly, I secretly love Houston.

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