CPD Runs Active Shooter Emergency Drills

CPD Runs Active Shooter Emergency Drills

In partnership with the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago Police Department ran active shooter and emergency response drills at Wrigley Field on Thursday.

Fire trucks, ambulances and emergency response personnel waited for the drill to begin on a cordoned off street on the north side of the stadium.

After a loudspeaker announcement instructed those not participating in the exercise to vacate the stadium, a group of actors entered, followed shortly after by officers in body armor and other first responders.

Despite heightened security for Chicago police after five officers were shot and killed in Dallas last week, officials said the Wrigley Field drill was planned months ago to coincide with this week’s Major League Baseball All-Star break.

Chicagoans watching the stadium from behind police tape said they feel safer knowing the police are preparing for worst-case scenarios.