Cupcakes are coming (again)

Cupcakes are coming (again)

Flirty Cupcakes tweet their location throughout the day

“Stop me, oh, stop me
Stop me if you think that you’ve
Heard this one before…”

Morrissey’s words never rang truer, especially when it comes to Chicago’s love affair with cupcakes. I know the trend was over a long time ago, yet I still can’t help but think of this song from The Smiths more than two decades after I first heard it. Why? Because the fad shows little sign of abating. Heavenly Cupcakes is one of the most popular destinations in Elmhurst - not just because local boys Plain White T’s made it to their Grand Opening - and in the city, the Flirty Cupcake van has been twittering like crazy as of late, pumping out its up-to-the-minute location and inventory status exclusively via social media platforms. The big daddy hits Chicago next month: Sprinkles - that Beverly Hills pretty boy cupcake parlor - is slated to open in about two weeks in the Gold Coast, site of the former Sur la Table store on Walton. I enjoyed them when I had them in L.A. a few years ago, but can’t we move on to mini-pies already? If you want to check out some video from Heavenly or Flirty, I’ll have them on the 11 a.m. news today on ABC 7, or you can just watch the video here after 11:30 a.m.

Sweet booty from Sprinkles in L.A. (photo by Steve Dolinsky)

Sprinkles in Beverly Hills…coming soon to the Gold Coast (photo by Steve Dolinsky)