Daily Rehearsal: A new Zanies for the Chicago-area

Daily Rehearsal: A new Zanies for the Chicago-area

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(Facebook/Zanies Rosemont)
- The new Zanies in Rosemont opened on Friday, with free shows all weekend to celebrate (here are some photos). But if you actually live or work in Rosemont, you’ll also get free admission this weekend as well, for shows headlined by Mike Toomey. They also have a large billboard on the Jane Addams Expressway. Or the Dan Ryan. Whichever it is called.

- The Lover is open at Soul Theater and apparently uses a new and interesting tactic to keep people interested: “To help audience members revitalize their own relationships, each performance of The Lover includes a post-show event such as belly-dance lessons or discussions with local marriage counselors,” writes Oliver Sava. “It’s a clever way to augment the brief play — and these methods are probably safer than Pinter’s manipulative tactics.”

- Steamwerkz: The Musical gets the award for best name and concept for a production this yearm and the content seems alright as well. Zac Thompson calls it “delightfully filthy” and Nina Metz dubs it a “suitably naughty late-night comedic treat.”

- Yet another summer of Bronzeville Comedy Shows, the first of which is this Wednesday.

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