Daily Rehearsal: Annoyance Theatre looks to leave Uptown

Daily Rehearsal: Annoyance Theatre looks to leave Uptown

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1. News from the Annoyance Theatre: Mick Napier and Jennifer Estlin revealed on Eight Forty-Eight that they’re looking for a new location for the theater, which turns 25 this year. “We’re actually looking at a fourth phase for the Annoyance; we’re looking at the possibility of moving again,” he told host Tony Sarabia. “We’re always up for changing, not only artistically though, but also where we’re at, and we’ve done that throughout the time.” The theater originally started on Belmont and Broadway; at the link, you’ll read Justin Kaumann’s fond memories of his time there, and listen to Napier describe it as “kind of a party place.”

2. Remy Bumppo has extended Chesapeake by a week, with three additional performances. It’ll now close with the matinee on May 6.

3. Simon Callow talked to the Windy City Times about his show at Chicago Shakes Being Shakespeare which closes at the end of next week. “I am being worked within an inch of my life while I am in Chicago,” he says. “I am doing matinees and evening shows, benefits, galas and so forth.” Take a nap Simon!

4. More on Portage Theater — a lot more, even if this author Dan Kelly calls this piece in Gaper’s Block an “abbrieviated” story. Revealed: “Yes, the Portage almost became Chicago’s Grand Ole Opry.”

5. A live cabaret dating show is at Collaboraction this weekend; Looking for Love wants you “to open your hearts and believe in love again.” For $8 you get a donation-fueled bar, music from The Sun Blisters, a Violent Femmes cover band (!!!), a dance party and extra-comedy from Jason Economus. Looking for Love stars Carolyn Hoerdemann and Maggie Graham, and Carolyn wrote it because she says, “If I can’t find love, I’m finding it for others.”

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