Daily Rehearsal: George Wendt leaves ‘The Odd Couple’ due to ‘medical reasons’

Daily Rehearsal: George Wendt leaves ‘The Odd Couple’ due to ‘medical reasons’

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- A review of the University of Chicago‘s new arts building, the Logan Center, and their new cabaret series, in the Chicago Maroon, calls it “a venue for artists of all disciplines and persuasions to perform. Be sure to mark your calendars—if this quarter’s two upcoming shows are anything like this one was, believe me, you’ll want to be there.”

- Alison Cuddy blogged about the arts and the election, prompting a vibrant Twitter conversation on the topic.

- Ben Brantley reviewed 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche, which has moved to New York through November 20 with much of the original cast intact. A choice quote: “Quiche started off as a 10-minute playlet, and 10 minutes into this expanded version, you may feel you’ve had quite enough, thank you. But at a certain point the play takes a leap beyond tidy smirkiness into the outer space of sloppier, cruder and far more satisfying nonsense.” Brantley also suggests that, if you plan to attend, “you might want to have a drink or two before.”

'The Odd Couple' at Northlight
- George Wendt is being replaced by Marc Grapey (remember him?) in Northlight’s The Odd Couple due to “medical reasons.” “George checked into the hospital Sunday evening with chest pains, is getting medical attention and will eventually make a full recovery. All of us at Northlight wish George all the best for a speedy recuperation,” said Executive Director Timothy Evans in a statement. Grapey was playing the role of Murray the Cop, and previously was a cast member in the recent production of The Odd Couple on Broadway with Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. The production opens this Friday.

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