Daily Rehearsal: Lifeline announces new season roster

Daily Rehearsal: Lifeline announces new season roster

1. World Theater Day is today — celebrate with half-price tickets from Hot Tix, they tell us. Available shows are The Doyle and Debbie Show, Freud’s Last Session, The Cherry Orchard, The Fisherman and Eyes Without a Face.

2. Chicago actors, take a tip from your fellow man and start a moving company with one catch: this trio Rudy’s Meritocracy will move your house for free, but you have to allow them to perform in your new space. This “show” is called THISISMYREALLIFE.

3. A review of Mary Lynn Rajskub doing standup in TimeOut; she performed at the Laugh Factory on Saturday night. I prefer her not in 24, but in Sweet Home Alabama as a southern hick from Reese Witherspoon’s past. Unrelated question: is it possible to do a funny comedy review?

4. Lifeline Theatre‘s new season has been announced. The 30th anniversary season has a theme, of course; it is Big Stories, Up Close. They bring The Woman in White, The City & The City, Bridge of Birds: A Tale of an Ancient China That Never Was, and the return of the Fillet of Solo Festival. All the productions sans the festival are original world premiere’s based on books. Plus, children and the stuff they like, such as Duck for President, The Mystery of the Pirate Ghost, The Emperor’s Groovy New Clothes: A Fashion Statement.

5. Wondering if the American Ballet Theater has lost their touch? Who would dare! Hedy Weiss, who argues that Giselle is a particularly uncreative choice for the company to stage in Chicago: “…after all the company’s visits to the Civic Opera House in recent years it still has no understanding of the Chicago dance audience. Despite the radical shift in the dance scene here, the powers that be at ABT still think of this city as a hub of ballet beginners. Backward thinking.” That being said, the dancing by prima ballerina Julie Kent is still deemed more than passable; Weiss calls her “a willowy wonder.”

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