Daily Rehearsal: More women go UP

Daily Rehearsal: More women go UP

1. “I bought a theater” proclaims the Illinois Times for Scott Richardson, of Springfield, Illinois, who did just that with the revamped Legacy Theatre. The article brings up issues some might be unaware of, like how people in Peoria go see more theater than those in Springfield, “We’re firm believers that you shouldn’t have to travel an hour and a half, two hours away to see some good things,” said Patrick Russell, a promoter there. “We can bring shows that are cool and interesting here to Springfield, and our hope is to get the crowd to help support that, to make Springfield a viable stop for this kind of thing.”

2. TimeOut‘s front and center cover story this week is on Nathan Lane and Dennehy’s turn in The Iceman Cometh at the Goodman. Though the production is in Chicago, the pair hadn’t made it here when this interview was conducted; Kris Vire met them in New York in February. Worth the read for Dennehy’s clear and unmistakable hatred of Jessica Lange. In other news: I’ve been mulling it over, and I really can’t think of a scarier name for a production.

3. Andrea Martin, Jayne Eastwood and Robin Duke will all be at UP in May for a variety of shows; Martin’s Final Days! Everything Must GO!! and Robin Duke, Jayne Eastwood, Kathryn Greenwood and Teresa Pavlinek in Women Fully Clothed a little later in the month. In one, “Ms. Martin opens the book on her life with great behind the scenes stories, song and a bit of Greek dancing.” In the other, “This uproarious sketch comedy show delves into the naked truth of everyday life with charm, wit and sidesplitting satire.” They’ll get you warmed up for the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival.

4. May 7th we’ve got you and Frank Rich and Martha Lavey chatting about…culture and world events? And probably Steppenwolf’s roster of plays this season.

5. Remember when Nina Metz was on WBEZ talking about the comedy scene here and how people have to leave Chicago to get real-paying work? Well she’s expounded on those strong feelings articulated on the show with a great piece called “Love Chicago but leave it - 3 plays explore `awful ambivalence’: Move for fame or stay for art?” There are already some heated comments on it.

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