Daily Rehearsal: ‘SNL’ features ‘chubby’, ‘brunette’ and ‘dopey-looking’ Chicagoans in season premiere

Daily Rehearsal: ‘SNL’ features ‘chubby’, ‘brunette’ and ‘dopey-looking’ Chicagoans in season premiere

'Dopey-looking' Tim Robinson.
- Tom Shales has joined Roger Ebert to blog for the Sun-Times. His first task: review Saturday night’s SNL. Shales used the opportunity to describe all three new cast-members from Chicago in less-than glowing terms. Aidy Bryant is “a cute chubby girl”, Tim Robinson is “a dopey-looking guy…who definitely has possibilities” and Cecily Strong just gets “brunette.” Over at the Tribune, Nina Metz has slightly more to say about the trio, and also comments on Vanessa Bayer, who was tapped for the show two seasons ago.

- One Name Only (A Different Kind of Reality Show) sounds fantastic because it’s all music from greats like Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston. “The Divas make a television appearance but the show is all about the up and coming talent. The contestants are young girls (all except one) trying to sing their way to the top. Their destiny is in the hands of the audience who will have the final vote. Be a part of the excitement. This is one show you’ll want to see again and again!” So its like American Idol/The Voice/The X-Factor but theater.

- “‘Another Magic Flute?!’ I gave up counting how many times this year I was asked this — or even had it shouted at me — by opera fans,” writes Hedy Weiss. But this one, from COT, is worth it, says Weiss.

- Here’s the Reader‘s fall arts preview.

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