Daily Rehearsal: Steppenwolf launches hip new blog

Daily Rehearsal: Steppenwolf launches hip new blog
Daily Rehearsal: Steppenwolf launches hip new blog

Daily Rehearsal: Steppenwolf launches hip new blog

1. Steppenwolf’s new website devoted to a behind-the-scenes look at the plays it has in production has launched. Called Massive Draft, the site will have a greater variety of videos, images, and interviews about the plays in progress, and they want to “invite you into that conversation.” Thus far, we have a conversation between director Kimberly Senior and playwright Zayd Dohrn about Want, and Christopher Shea takes inspiration from it to looks at how different thinkers have written about raising kids religiously. There’s also another talk with director Matt Miller and playwright Carly Mensch of Oblivion.

2. Here’s a bunch of theater people you should follow on Twitter, in Chicago and out. But before you get all offended that you weren’t included and your musings on the best sandwich shop for a snack won’t be read by millions, read @BroadywayGirlNYC’s disclaimer:

  • It’s not a list of the most famous Broadway folks on twitter.
  • It’s not a list of my favorite PEOPLE on Broadway — I judged purely on the quality, quantity, and Broadway-relevance of the tweets
  • It is not a ranked list. Everyone is in alphabetical order.
  • It is absolutely NOT a complete list of those worth following on twitter!!

3. Laura Molzahn points out that you might want to see Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company’s “Body Against Body” at the Columbia College this weekend. You best know Jones from his work on Fela!, and this is quite an amalgam of a variety of pieces he’s known for, including (but not limited to) some full-frontal nudity.

4. Women are Crazy Because Men Are A**holes has moved to the Victory Gardens Theatre, apparently after either overstaying their welcome at the Greenhouse, or growing out of it. No word on whether or not Kelly Kleiman has finally seen it, but she recommended it once, so…

5. Anderson Lawfer has already dropped by WBEZ and shared some stuff with us, but he’s gotten even bigger since them. He’s the host of The Game Show Show…and Stuff! at a variety of locations, and now it has moved to the Mercury Theater for a larger engagement. Look for it in mid-October.

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