Daily Rehearsal: ‘Three Sisters’ final casting announced

Daily Rehearsal: ‘Three Sisters’ final casting announced

- American Idol‘s David Hernandez will be performing with Dancing Queen at Riverfront Theater. Sorry David — not an AI fan so I don’t have a clue who you are (the internet says he was a 12th place finalist on the seventh season of the show), but who doesn’t love/hate ABBA? It opens June 14.

- Chelsea Peretti was at the Lincoln Lodge last week, remember? You might know Chelsea best from her viral hit abut nerds that is NSFW, also at the link.

'Three Sisters' (Photo by Sandro)
- “Chicago comedy fans rejoice. The formerly weekly Shambles open mic has been reborn as a stand-up/improv/sketch/etc. showcase,” writes Nick Martin at the A.V. Club, bearing a less-than-safe-for-publication name. It’ll be hosted by Ever Mainard and Rasa Geirstikas.

- Choices from Chicago Women’s Funny Festival producers Jill Valentine and Liz McArthur of what to see from their line-up, as well as Jason A. Heidemann’s own picks.

- Final casting for Three Sisters has been announced; pictured at right is cast member Ora Jones who stars as Olga Prozorova. The production opens June 28.

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