Daily Rehearsal: ‘Tigers Be Still’ extended

Daily Rehearsal: ‘Tigers Be Still’ extended

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- ComedySportz Chicago is hosting the 2012 ComedySportz World Championship, which includes up to 21 teams competing from Wednesday, July 18 through Saturday, July 21. It hasn’t been in Chicago in over 10 years, leaving one to wonder if, in order to receive this honor, there was a ComedySportz competition to host the ComedySportz World Championship. It’s at the Athenaeum Theatre; tickets are $25 a night and $110 for a pass.

'Tigers Be Still' at Theater Wit (Photo by Liz Lauren)
- To celebrate the 100th performance of Freud’s Last Session in Chicago, the production is putting on a Sigmund Freud Look-A-Like contest where you can nominate a friend and get tickets to the show, dinner at Deleece Restaurant and meet the cast. So, line-up your grandfather and press “click.”

- Tigers Be Still at Theater Wit has been extended two weeks, through June 16. Though bear in mind that the Reader‘s Kerry Reid said it was “overstuffed and undernourished,” a beautiful turn of phrase.

- A reminder that Hairspray, with Tim Kazurinsky of SNL fame playing Wilbur Turnblad, closes June 17 at Drury Lane.

- In an interesting turn of events, Opera News first said it would no longer review the Metropolitan Opera because of the latter’s “dissatisfaction over negative critiques,” the New York Times reported. University of Chicago professor and editor of the academic journal Opera Quarterly David J. Levin weighed in, expressing what could be described as mild disgust. Then, the Met released a statement: “From [Opera lovers’] postings on the internet, it is abundantly clear that opera fans would miss reading reviews about the Met in Opera News… While the Met believed it did not make sense for a house organ that is published by the Guild and financed by the Met to continue to review Met productions, it has become clear that the reviews generate tremendous excitement and interest and will continue to have a place in Opera News.”