Daily Rehearsal: ‘Tigers Be Still’ produces hip playbill art

Daily Rehearsal: ‘Tigers Be Still’ produces hip playbill art

1. Tigers Be Still opens at Theater Wit April 26: “Meet Sherry,” the theater tells us, “a recent college graduate with a master’s degree in art therapy. But like so many 20-somethings who find themselves back at home, here she sits, unemployed, overwhelmed and dealing with her crazy family. Happily, things begin to brighten up when she gets hired as a high school art teacher. Now if only the principal would leave his rifle at home, her sister would get off the couch, her mother would come downstairs, her first patient would just do one of his art therapy assignments, and someone would catch the damned tiger that just escaped from the local zoo, everything would be perfect.” Very hip playbill art.

2. The Michael Merritt Awards and Theater Design Expo is May 7 at Chicago Shakes and lasts a whole five hours; it includes an exhibition of Chicago’s new designers; A moderated discussion by Hedy Weiss with Costume Designer Mara Blumenfeld, Lighting Designer Lee Keenan, Projection Designer Mike Tutaj and Scenic and Costume designer Chelsea Warren; and a presentation of this year’s awards, all of which will be presented with food and alcohol. Tickets $20. (For those not in the know, Michael Merritt was “a brilliant designer, inspirational teacher, and good friend who died in 1992 at the age of 47.“)

3. As part of their sort-of exhaustive coverage of Clybourne Park, the New York Times has some nice slideshows.

4. What’s your improv group name? The A.V. Club helps you decide. “How zany,” notes one commenter.

5. About Second City’s 100th revue Jason Heidemann writes, “It’s an energetic and pleasing revue bolstered by a strong cast, while unfortunately breaking little new ground. Director Matt Hovde (Absolute Best Friggin’ Time of Your Life, Sky’s the Limit) is more interested in celebrating the Second City mold than challenging it…” Sounds like the performances were generally strong, though.

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