Daily Rehearsal: What’s on your must-see list for fall?

Daily Rehearsal: What’s on your must-see list for fall?

1. Kelly Kleiman recently covered Theatre Wit’s decision to implement a different style of payment for their shows. But the Chicago Artist’s Resource explains that “there is a second prong to Theatre Wit’s pricing strategy. They recently introduced dynamic pricing for their single ticket sales, meaning that they reward patrons who are willing to book their tickets in advance, while raising prices incrementally according to the demand for any given performance.” CAR names groups like Filament who, “has set up their online ticketing system like a wedding registry: all of the material resources that went into the production are displayed on their online wish list. In lieu of tickets, customers can sponsor costumes, props, and set pieces, finance two hours of rehearsal space, or pay for the production’s licensing fees.” What say you, Kelly (and others)?

2. Look at all these plays Bob Bullen is going to! Seriously, give the man a hand — or counter with your own laundry list. Also it’s cute that he calls it a “CTA Tracker,” get it?

3. Red is sweeping the nation, but not just Chicago. Academy Award nominee Haley Joel Osment aka that little boy from The Sixth Sense will take it on in Philadelphia. He’s at The Philadelphia Theatre Company starting in October.

'Momma's Boyz'; Steve Casillas (Mimic), Jesse David Perez (Thug), Marvin Quijada (Shine).
4. Teatro Vista is starting off their new season with Momma’s Boyz at the Chicago Dramatists. Writer Cándido Tirado has written the play, but he’s transplanted the scene for Chicago for this run. They call it “a humorous, dark, but ultimately uplifting look at what happens when a young man turns back the hands of time to save the life of his friend from the violence of dealing drugs.”

5. The Book of Mormon, which won the Tony for Best Musical, as well as eight others, you may recall, is coming to Chicago also. Get away! Give us some peace! We’re exhausted!

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