Daily Rehearsal: Zachary Quinto spotted at ‘Camino Real’

Daily Rehearsal: Zachary Quinto spotted at ‘Camino Real’

1. News that the DCA Storefront staff have been fired has prompted those in the artistic community to…well, fire back at the City. “As the artistic director of one of the theatres slated to produce at the DCA in the fall, I am truly saddened and mystified by this news,” wrote Aly Renee Amidei of WildClaw on the Reader‘s post on the issue. “The DCA Storefront staff have been amazing people to work with and have been crucial to the growth and success of my theatre company (along with many other companies in town). I cannot imagine producing our fall show without them. I also hope that the city does not do away with the program entirely…which would be such a blow to the theatrical community.” Feel the need to chime in? Laura Molzahn offers a few people you can contact, also in the comments.

2. Light in the Piazza has been extended AGAIN, this time through June 23. This means that the last two weeks of the show will run in conjunction with Time after Time: The Songs of Jule Styne. I have a friend who saw Piazza last week and said it was very uplifting. Subtext: since my random friend liked it, you know it’s good.

The actor Zachary Quinto (Flickr/Beth Madison)
3. Baliwick Chicago has announced a new Artistic Director in Lili-Anne Brown. “Due to recent career opportunities, current Founding Artistic Director Kevin Mayes has tendered his formal resignation with the Board of Directors, but will remain a seated board member in a corporate development capacity.” “I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved in three short years as a company,” said Mayes in a statement. “But balancing two careers, as I’ve done since we started Bailiwick Chicago, has been challenging for my family and me. It was a difficult decision to step down from a role that I’ve loved so much, but it is time to do so. Lili-Anne Brown is a gifted artist and leader, and I look forward to supporting her tenure as Artistic Director in my role on the Board of Directors.” Brown is up next in Rent from ATC/About Face.

4. Charles Isherwood came to Chicago to see Cascabel and Camino Real this weekend. Of the former: “While Cascabel is distinctly light on the palate as a work of theater — call it Cirque du Soleil sprinkled with salsa — Mr. Bayless’s food is predictably delicious.” Of the latter: “As Williams designed it, Camino Real is undeniably rich in imagery of exhausted humanity, violence and the destruction of love and liberty, but it is also suffused with tenderness for the souls tilting at so many windmills. In Mr. Bieito’s production the brutality is writ so large that the glimmers of poetry…can barely be discerned amid an avalanche of neon-bright distractions.” So, relatively consistent with reviews from our fair city.

5. Spotted: Zachary Quinto (of the new Star Trek) and POTENTIALLY Jonathan Groff (of Spring Awakening, Glee) at Camino Real on Friday night (a couple, they might be). Did they like it? It appears they also attended the “This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s” exhibition at the MCA that same day, according to the Tribune. A culture-filled day.

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