Deputy Governor Christian Mitchell On Pritzker Priorities

Christian Mitchell
Christian Mitchell

Deputy Governor Christian Mitchell On Pritzker Priorities

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A new day and a new governor for the state of Illinois.

Democrat J.B. Pritzker is set to be sworn in Monday as the state’s 43rd governor, taking the reins from Republican Bruce Rauner.

With the new administration comes a handful of deputy governors as well, including Democrat Christian Mitchell.

Mitchell was elected to the Illinois House in 2012. The district he represented until Friday includes a slice of Chicago from the Near North Side down to South Chicago.

He also served as interim executive director of the Democratic Party of Illinois from July until January 1.

Morning Shift checks in with Mitchell about Pritzker’s priorities for education, public safety and the fiscal health of Illinois. We also check in with WBEZ’s politics team to see how realistic the Pritzker agenda really is.


Christian Mitchell, deputy governor for infrastructure in the administration of Democratic governor J.B. Pritzker

Dave McKinney, WBEZ state politics reporter