DJ Incredible Zulk’s first Dance Dance Party Party mix of 2013

DJ Incredible Zulk’s first Dance Dance Party Party mix of 2013

Last night I DJ’ed the first Dance Dance Party Party of 2013, so if you’re feeling blah and gray and want to dance around in your kitchen or office chair, maybe one of these songs will get you going.


I think this song is really cute. It’s about a couple that is in love despite the fact that the guy doesn’t have any money which is sort of an old-timey theme for a song.

Thanks to the Spice Girls, I will always have a place in my heart for British girl groups.

Whenever this song pops up on my running list I get pumped up. It’s so ridiculous and manic and the official music video is only thing that ever really makes me want to live in New York.

I had two dancey-related Talking Heads moments last year: First was at my friend Tracy’s wedding when the DJ played “Life During Wartime” and the second was when I watched “Stop Making Sense” and I knew I had to throw some in my next playlist. This is of course an homage to the baby, who is cute cute as a button.

I was not allowed to have a beeper when I was in high school, because they were for drug dealers.

Last summer when I was pretty hugely pregnant I participated in a karaoke charity event and sang this song while wearing a little summer dress and I didn’t even it make it to the next round, let alone win, which I am still bitter about. But at least I learned more of the lyrics to this song.

This song still makes me happy. You can’t fight City Hall.

I’m not sure how I came to acquire this song but I like to throw something old like this on my playlists because you can do the most fun dances to songs from the ‘60’s.

This song is NOT safe for work:

We dance to this song in my WERQ class and so it helps that I have a little routine already built into it. I was worried when I first added it to the playlist that it was too weird and nasty but then when it played I realized that I would have danced to a whole playlist like this.

This is nerdy but I read an article in the New Yorker about K-pop and felt compelled to look up all the songs mentioned in the article. This was my favorite because it sounds like Britney Spears and a computer made a baby. I thought it’d be a good palate-cleanser after Lil Wayne.

This video is the best. That is all.

If you watch Madagascar 3 (and you should: it’s funny and weird), this song will be in your head all night. It makes me want to dance like an idiot so I thought it’d be a good way to wrap up the cold night.

Cool down:

She’s Always In My Hair (LP Version)