Economists on Candidates’ Proposals: Mostly Bad

Economists on Candidates’ Proposals: Mostly Bad

Presidential candidates are making a slew of promises on the campaign trail.

We took a sample of the most economically novel proposals and asked a panel of economists: Are they good or bad?

Our panel includes 22 economists from across the political spectrum. They identified themselves as left, right and center. And some couldn’t categorize themselves.

We based our list of economists on the IGM Economic Experts Panel, which does regular surveys like this.

Thanks to all the economists who responded: Daron Acemoğlu, Alan Auerbach, Katherine Baicker, Abhijit Banerjee, David Cutler, Darrell Duffie, Aaron Edlin, Oliver Hart, Hilary Hoynes, Kenneth Judd, Steve Kaplan, Pete Klenow, Eric Maskin, Bill Nordhaus, Larry Samuelson, José Scheinkman, Richard Schmalensee, Carl Shapiro, James Stock, Nancy L. Stokey, Richard Thaler, and Christopher Udry.

via NPR