Elevating Music And Also: Get Out There And Twirl!

Elevating Music And Also: Get Out There And Twirl!

It’s Wednesday so that means…

Elevating Music.

Today’s song, “You Are My Joy” by The Reindeer Section (same band I used in the CARTWHEEL video for this week’s mission).

And please please PLEASE, seize the day, seize the spring, and take a picture (or film clip) of yourself doing a cartwheel. Email it to me at missionamykr@vocalo.org. I will be assembling all cartwheels into a final video for your viewing pleasure!

Great Cartwheel Stella!

And gosh, so many ways to do a cartwheel:

-by yourself!

-with friends!

-with your kids!

-with your co-workers at the office!

-with your school/classroom (I’ve just heard that entire classroom that just filmed themselves doing cartwheels for this mission!)

-in a public space!

-in a private space!

-in outer space!

Pretty please spread the word about this mission because:

a) the more cartwheel submissions, the cooler the final video will be.


b) everyone feels better after doing a cartwheel!


miss amy k.r.