Embryo adoptions: The alternative that's on the rise

Embryo adoptions: The alternative that's on the rise

California Embryo Bank Provides Donated Eggs For Stem Cell Research

LA JOLLA, CA - FEBRUARY 28: A donated human embryo is seen through a microscope at the La Jolla IVF Clinic February 28, 2007 in La Jolla, California. The clinic accepts donated embryos from around the country through The Stem Cell resource which are then given to stem cell research labs for research. (Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images); Credit: Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

As people wait well into their 30's and 40's to have kids, in vitro fertilization has soared in popularity and as a result so has the number of unused embryos left over from IVF.

One solution that is gaining popularity is to donate the leftover embryos to other parents or individuals facing fertility challenges.

It's called embryo adoption or donation, it just depends on where you stand, and it brings up all sorts of thorny ethical issues. Whitny Braun is a bioethicist at Loma Linda University, she joined the show to discuss the history, motivations and ethical complexities of utilizing donor embryos.

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