Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Mark and Corey!

Everyone, please give a warm welcome to Mark and Corey!

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hello my name is

We combed the universe in search of two splendid humans who could join Mission Amy K.R. as interns/apprentices. After a couple weeks of reviewing applications, interviewing, and reading piles of excellent writing, I am thrilled to now call them both up to the podium. I’ve asked them to introduce themselves in their own words.

Justin Kaufmann, Steve Edwards, and all of us at Vocalo are so happy they are on board. Please give a warm welcome to…

Mark Munger. Middle name: Plambeck. I have thought of going by Mark P.M., but am afraid that it sounds too much like a nighttime cold medicine. So, I’ll just go by Mark. It’s easy to spell and doesn’t cause drowsiness.

You may be wondering why I’m writing this on Mission Amy K.R. I’m here to add another voice to the blog. I hope you will find it whimsical and earnest. Picture a dusk sky abounding with balloons; one floats above you, pops, and from inside, a paper flower falls with a little parachute attached. I’d like my voice to be that paper flower.

I should say something about who I am. I’m from Sioux City because that’s where my parents live and I refused, at an early age, to come from other parents. I have two sisters, one on each side. I was married two years ago in South Dakota on a bluff overlooking the Vermillion River. It was really something. I have an MFA in Poetry and am working on a Certificate in Radio at Columbia College. You may be asking, “How do you live?” Lentils!

Mark’s introduction is best accompanied by: [audio:/sites/default/files/archives/blogs//02-Storytime-From-Edward-Scissorhan.mp3|titles=“Storytime” By Danny Elfman]


There are moments when you feel like you’re truly living. I’ve been flirting with that condition for years until last week when I got the call. It was 4:39pm. I was at work, sitting at my desk, and Amy K.R. was on the other line. Minutes later, I was giving a three-day notice to my wonderful boss as I had to move from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to Chicago. This happened to me one week ago. My name is Corey Jo Nuffer. Some people call me CJ. And I’m now officially working with/at/for Mission Amy K.R.

In college, I studied philosophy and religion. One of my passions is wine, and this has been a big part of my life. And it’s not just wine, but the idea that something is so complicated and changes so much depending on what you pair with it. When it comes to wine, I become a little more human as I still myself, paying attention to what is happening to me. And then I scurry to find the right words and write it down. Taken all together, I’ve been thinking and writing a lot and keeping it all to myself. And then last week happened. Reading Amy’s blog was like drinking wine to me, was like philosophy and even religion to me. Each mission and the accompanying posts made me feel like a part of life I had been ignoring for too long was peeled away and shown to me, and that I was not alone in thinking this.

What’s even better is the levity Amy brings to her posts. When are you too old to do a cartwheel? And how about magic? Even Heisenberg made room for this in his uncertainty principle governing sub-atomic particles. But so many of us need something like what Amy’s doing to move from on-the-verge to across the threshold of living more and having a better time doing it. Am I an intern? An apprentice? A mission specialist? Not sure what sounds right yet. In the meantime, you can just call me Corey.

Corey’s introduction is best accompanied by: The song “45 in 25” by Thomas Newman from the film Scent of a Woman. (One of my favorite composers from one of my favorite movies that has everything to do with savoring the moment and not giving up.) [audio:/sites/default/files/archives/blogs//04-45-In-25-1.mp3|titles=“45 In 25” by Thomas Newman]