Fashion keen of 1913

Fashion keen of 1913

It's our favorite time of year ... when we're so tempted to eat one last morsel of figgy pudding, yet our corsets are set to burst! But that's not the only reason only why we adore this time of year, it's also beacuse it's time for the annual fashion dispatch from us, your favorite wisenheimers, Edith Rutger and Annabelle Wickenby. 

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We've taken a gander at the most splendid garb from 1913 and assembled this year in review. 

It's not curtains for this Miss! Or is it? The drapery on her dress reminds one of a confection cake, and her sweet expression tops it off like a cherry. We also can't help but also covet her posh muff!

This madame on the left is the very definition of gussy! And her sensible buckle flats allow for a day of practical strolling through the gravel (while hopefully avoiding the plentiful horse plop). 
Now what of the fussy Fran on the right? Her get-up leaves everything to the imagination, which is what the young, proper men appreciate. We, however, imagine she may have spilled some tea on her lovely lace gown and has come up with a creative way to cover up. The feathers in both of their caps do justice to one of 1913's top-of-head looks. 
Be still our hearts! This couple has a lockdown on lovely! The lady's neckline is approaching risky, but her perfectly-pressed dress' hemline returns our hands away from clutching our pearls and to a gentle clap. The sir here is as fetching as any man can be. He's ready for action with his binocular lenses and bowtie. These two win the couple of the year award in our 1913 ledger! 
Boy! Oh boy. This young mister is in for a life of ladies falling at his adorable buckle shoes. No grass stains on this boy's stockings. We give his mother high praise for raising such a fine young man and dressing him accordingly. 
Yes, we wanted to give a nod to weekend lounge-wear. Well, Edith did. This family looks positively ready for a day of merriment and reclining. Note the no-fuss updos on each of the ladies, and the relaxed waistline on the seated lady. No doubt she can fit in a bit more figgy pudding before her Sunday corset begins to trouble her! And the fellows here look ready for a day of chopping wood. 
Eat your heart out, 1913! This darb garb is among the finest Eastern-inspired fashion of the year. Her high-necked wrap and fitted skirt look pristine. We wish we could ask her to stand up to see it in its full glory. And her beautiful hair and regal look top off a most distinguished look. 
Here is one dilly doll. She looks so very handsome in her high-necked dress. We think this dark, full-body dress is the most refined look for the young ladies of society today. Can you imagine a lower neckline? That would be scandalous. 
Let's not forget the littlest set! As Annabelle always says "you must instill a sense for fashion and dignity from the cradle on!" That's a catchy phrase. Here we have two young dolls looking prisine in their pram. We adore babies dressed in all-white and 1913 saw no shortage of that! It underscores their angelic purity and reminds parents to change clothing when a soiling may occur. 
We end here with this jazzy number. Yessir! You can remain in high style even when the mercury drops. This fetching fur combo and smart cap will allow her to endure the elements for hours on end. All the luckier for those she passes and notice her get-up. May this be a reminder to us all that fashion need not stop for inclement weather! 
We, Edith and Annabelle cannot wait to see what 1914 fashion has in store for us! We leave you with two predictions we'll bet our feather-caps on: one is that hemlines will continue to remain at respectable lengths (up to the neck, wrists and ankles) and secondly, no one will ever, ever appear mostly nude on stage in front of millions of people watching an awards showcase in a skin-colored brassiere and panties twerking on a giant, stuffed bear.