Father-Daughter Duo ‘Someone Old Someone New’

Father-Daughter Duo ‘Someone Old Someone New’

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Miki Greenberg has been a part of the Chicago music scene for more than 30 years.

After releasing a number of albums with the band Maestro Subgum and the Hole and under his own name, he put away music a few years ago to follow other interests.

But when his young daughter Giselle started writing songs, he decided to go back in the studio and help her record them.

The project became the split album Someone Old Someone New: Last Gasps First Breaths, featuring Miki’s tunes on side A and 15-year-old Giselle’s on side B.

The two talk about what it’s like to work as equals on the record, and Giselle’s decision to drop out of high school to follow her musical muse.

GUEST: Giselle and Miki Greenberg, Chicago father-and-daughter musicians


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