FBI Raids Cook County Offices

FBI Raids Cook County Offices

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An FBI raid of Cook County offices yesterday drew some curt responses, but very little surprise from county officials. Federal agents served subpoenas and removed documents from several county offices and buildings, including the Bureau of Human Resources, the hospitals, and the county jail. This is the latest development in the ongoing federal investigation of the county.

By all accounts, the documents seized predominantly relate to hiring. This comes a month after news reports that unearthed allegations of political job rigging.

Commissioner Mike Quigley is one of several county board members who say they’re not surprised.

“In my mind this wasn’t a question of whether this would happen, but when it would happen. It’s sort of the red flags you see throughout your time here and just the general perception that this is a mess, that it was only a matter of time before someone would investigate it,” he says.

County Board President Bobbie Steele had little comment on the raid. She issued a two-sentence statement saying the county is cooperating with investigators, but that she’s been advised not to discuss what’s happening.