Flash mobs, flash floods…what’s next? News about Flash Taco?

Flash mobs, flash floods…what’s next? News about Flash Taco?
Flash mobs, flash floods…what’s next? News about Flash Taco?

Flash mobs, flash floods…what’s next? News about Flash Taco?

Flash mobs to flash floods? What’s next, Flash Taco is going to close?The biggest (not) secret about rain during rush hour is not how slow the car goes in front of you, but how messy, nasty, cluttered and disorganized the trains get. Metra has some problems when things break, but the subway and the “L” just get so out of whack. Case in point, this picture of the Blue Line stop at Division:

That, people, is the right use of the phrase “hot mess.” Come on, CTA.

B story: We might get a few verdicts today. Blagojevich is going into deliberations. Rana is already deliberating. And Ja Rule went to jail yesterday. Wait, that one wasn’t in town, but still. Tough loss for the early 00’s pop-rap fan. Also, this press release just crossed my desk:

A former federal prison chaplain who ministered to convicted killer Frank Calabrese, Sr., was indicted for allegedly illegally passing messages from Calabrese and plotting with him and others to recover a hidden violin from a residence Calabrese once owned in Williams Bay, Wis., federal law enforcement officials announced today.

Yeah, that’s pretty awesome.

C story: Finally, someone agrees with me. It happens to be the police chief and mayor, but still, people agree! Also, I take back the ‘Death Mob’ name I threw out yesterday. I like “Mobberies.” I stole that one from a colleague.

D story: DeRogatis has a very timely post today about the kickoff of the Grant Park live music season. If you remember, the past winter has been a very tumultous one for the big festivals, as Daley attempted to privatize the fests, charge for the fests and change/eliminate the fests. None of this happened (not for lack of effort) and now we have a scaled back Blues, Jazz, Gospel and Taste to show for it. This will be interesting to watch. From afar.

Weather: Is it raining?

Sports: What is going on in sports today? The NHL is now making authorities keep game-winning Stanley Cup pucks for display in the Hall of Fame. This is all because no one can find the Blackhawks’ winner from last year.

The WNBA is starting back up. I don’t really have more to say about that. I don’t have a problem with the WNBA, but until they win in Chicago - people won’t pay attention. That would be the best marketing plan they could have.

Kicker: A friend of mine pointed out that Kyle Betts Chicago Now story (where he rips on me for ripping on RedEye) was edited. What? Yes, when you look at the story now, the criticism Kyle levied upon me is gone. Whaaaaaa? Kyle! You can’t take away what you said and expect us to forget about it! Put it back. I’m starting a petition for Kyle Betts to put back that paragraph. There will be a rally at Daley Plaza at 3pm. Bring signs. I’m hoping to get Father Pfleger involved in this. This will not end Kyle! PUT BACK THE GRAPH! PUT BACK THE GRAPH! (Say it with me, Chicago) PUT BACK THE GRAPH!