Friday Feast: Five-Star Franks & Sustainable Seafood

Friday Feast: Five-Star Franks & Sustainable Seafood

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First of all, let me just say that I’m overwhelmed and ecstatic there were so many of you who wanted in on the Dark Lord tickets yesterday. Congrats again to comment #175, Mark Mitcheltree on the win. We all had a blast reading your comments. One of my favorites was comment #82, from Blake Rodgers:

My Three 3 Floyds Beer Haikus:

Moved to Chicago
Am sick of PBR Bars
Give me 3 Floyds Beer

I Miss MicroBrews
Chicago Beer Specials Suck
Tummy Needs Dark Beer

Moved here from east coast
Blake moved away from good beer
3 Floyds YUM 3 Floyds

But the main thing was that you all united over a common cause (to get your little paws on some wickedly good beer). So your enthusiasm has sparked an idea. I’m having the crack staff at WBEZ/ come up with some more cool shit to give away, so we can have more contests, because isn’t that what life is all about? The eternal quest for free (or severely discounted) stuff that you ingest?

Just a quick plug for my stories today - and tonight - on ABC 7: Today at 11 a.m., it’s off to the city’s latest hot dog joint, yearning to be more than just a dog and fry destination. Franks‚ ‘N Dawgs strives for 5-star dogs, making many of their own sausages and elaborate toppings. The real attraction just might be the bun though: they’re from Nicole’s Bake Shop, a kind of pain de mie (homemade white bread)‚ that are split at the top, like an East Coast lobster roll bun; they’re especially good when lightly buttered and griddled on both sides.

Pain de mie buns from Nicole’s Bake Shop

Then tonight at 10 p.m., time to dive into the sustainable seafood world, by talking with the Shedd Aquarium about their efforts to get local restaurants to comply; also, we talk with the Chef/Owner at Bistro Campagne in Lincoln Square about why he carries only sustainably-raised seafood. The reason I’m doing this story was essentially based on my experience at the Seafood Summit in Paris a few months ago. It completely changed my outlook on the subject, and taught me a lot about what is - and is certainly not - sustainable. Both stories can be seen here later today.