Friday’s gameplan for ‘Afternoon Shift’: Pushing things forward

Friday’s gameplan for ‘Afternoon Shift’: Pushing things forward

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A dish at Alinea (Flickr/Sam Miller)

Grant Achatz: The Chef behind world-renowned restaurants Alinea and Next discusses the elevation of the dining experience.

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Ike Barenholz: The Chicago actor and comedian talks about his new gig on the HBO baseball comedy Eastbound & Down

Insight Labs: Howell Malham and Jon and Jeff Leitner have made a career out of helping businesses, governments, non-profits, and individuals think outside the box and take it to the next level with their project Insight Labs. Today, they’ll dive into the concept of brainstorming. Is the popular and (seemingly) democratic way of generating ideas all its cracked up to be?

Producer Eilee Heikenen Weiss gives us her Top 3 @ 3

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Rewind: A thoughtful conversation on some of the most important news items of the week. Today we’re joined by Tracy Baim of Windy City Times and Hal Weitzman of the Financial Times.

Weekender: Alison Cuddy brings us her musings and picks for the most interesting cultural goings-on in the region this weekend.

Senator Dick Durbin: The Democrat’s #2 man in the US Senate on the extension of the Payroll Tax exemption, and more.

And of course, all through the show Psalm One helped us celebrate Dre Day: