Fulcrum Point New Music Project joins ‘Eight Forty-Eight’ for the day

Fulcrum Point New Music Project joins ‘Eight Forty-Eight’ for the day

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Listen to Fulcrum Point talk to Tony Sarabia on ‘Eight Forty-Eight’

Often on Friday’s, and more and more on WBEZ local programming, bands will join our hosts in the studio for a chat and a song. But what’s nice is when they stick around for the whole show; we get some great live music that makes everything pop, and they get to experiment a little bit.

As you’ll see in the video above, when a band is big enough, they’ll perform in our Jim and Kay Mabie Performance studio, while our host Tony remains across the hall. The magic of audio technology (and good producers and directors) keeps them all in sync.

Fulcrum Point New Music Project was the band of choice today. They’re at the Harris Theater on Saturday for Afro-Beats! (read Alison Cuddy’s recommendation here) and the gave us a preview with a bit of a Fela Kuti song “Water No Get Enemy”.

There’s sometimes a little hesitation on the artists part about being filmed, particularly if they weren’t expecting it. When we dropped in the studio, drummer Jeff Handley joked that he had “dressed for radio this morning.”