Gender roles at my house

His & hers.
His & hers. Flickr/Andy Howell
His & hers.
His & hers. Flickr/Andy Howell

Gender roles at my house

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His & hers. (Flickr/Andy Howell)

Him: Watering indoor plants/lawn
Her: Outdoor plants

Him: Nighttime dog walks
Her: Daytime dog walks

Him: Disposing of dead birds
Her: Killing bugs

Him: Paying bills
Her: Buying wedding presents and remembering to tip hotel maids

Her: Cooking
Him: Sometimes eating said cooking

Her: Buying the family shoes
Him: Buying the family lightbulbs

Him: Hating doing laundry
Her: Hating putting away laundry

Him: Tech troubles
Her: Tech complaining

Him: Drink-getting, coat-taking, dishes
Her: Party execution/stressing

Him: Taking care of cat litter
Her: Squirting cat with a water bottle when it tries to come up the stairs where it’s not supposed to go
Both: Telling one cat to shut up and also pretending not to hear when dog eats cat barf