GoT 7.8: Live Season 7 Recap Show … More Fun Than The Red Wedding

GoT 7.8: Live Season 7 Recap Show … More Fun Than The Red Wedding

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Look how far we’ve come!

Season 7 covered a lot of ground: Cersei paid some debts and learned she was pregnant. Tyrion made a series of missteps before negotiating a backroom deal with his sister. Dany lost a dragon but gained much, much more.

In a special live recap show at the DANK House in Chicago, Nerdette’s Greta Johnsen and Tricia Bobeda recapped all that and more with Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!’s Peter Sagal. More than 400 amped-up Nerdette fans showed up (or were they Game of Thrones fans? Peter Sagal fans? All three?), and many of them dressed up in amazing cosplay outfits.

You can check out more photos from Wednesday’s live event by perusing #GOTNerdcaps on Instagram and Twitter. And if you were there, post a pic!

Most improved storyline in Season 7

(Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO)

Tricia: My least-favorite-to-then-favorite storyline this season was the Stark sisters. I was feeling very cranky at the writers for the Sansa-Arya situation that was going on, because I didn’t find it super believable that Littlefinger would be able to come between these two Stark sisters, and then of course Littlefinger gets his just desserts.

Peter: I seem to be very alone in this opinion — that Littlefinger seemed completely transformed in that he was finally stupid. Do you agree with me? That the Littlefinger that we had seen — and maybe this is very influenced by the books where he is an extremely sophisticated and conniving character, but the Littlefinger that we had seen before — the guy who was eight steps ahead of everybody else — was gone.

Tricia: Oh, Peter. I should let you know that we decided that when you complain a lot about how things are different from the books, we’re going to play “whinging violins.”

Biggest Season 7 plot twists

(Macall B. Polay/Courtesy of HBO)

Peter: It does seem that the entire season arc, if I can use that expression, was just designed to get Jaime mad enough at Cersei so that next season they can be on opposing sides. The other pairing that they seem to spend a lot of time driving a wedge between was Tyrion and Daenerys. Like the last shot of Tyrion, right? Looking with suspicion and unhappiness at the door where, you know —

Tricia: The love boat.

Greta: I read another really good theory about that on the Twitters, which is that maybe the reason why he seemed so upset is because this very likely means an end to the democracy that he’s been trying to encourage Daenerys to accept.

Peter: Whatever it may be — whether his burgeoning sense of “there should be democracy” or his deeply repressed affection for Daenerys and he feels friend-zoned — he seems alienated from Daenerys so that next season, perhaps, they end up on opposite sides.

Greta: So Tricia, you had suggested that Cersei isn’t really pregnant. Do you still think that’s the case or have you changed your mind since seeing the finale?

Tricia: With these showrunners, I am still not 100 percent sure if they’re teasing us or if Cersei’s playing other people. I think that maybe it’s not just as simple as being a baby or not a baby — I think Qyburn’s doing some weird business, maybe.

Greta: Another thing that blew my mind on Twitter was someone had mentioned that maybe it’s Euron’s baby.

Peter: The only problem with that theory is in a medieval situation, in which there’s no such thing as genetic testing, the only way of knowing if it’s Euron’s baby is if it comes out wearing mascara. So in a weird way, it’s irrelevant whose baby it is if she’s pregnant.

Audience predictions: In Season 8, who will end up on the Iron Throne and how will they get there?

(Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO)

“The Hound — by bus.”

Ser Pounce — everyone else dies.”

“Jon — narrative continuity.”

“Baby Sam — he kills everyone.”

“Lyanna Mormont — she will stare down the ice dragon and declare, ‘On Bear Island, we shit bigger than you.’”

“I hope Jon Snow, in the buff.”

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