Harvey Alderman: Legal Challenge Is Political

Harvey Alderman: Legal Challenge Is Political

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An alderman in South Suburban Harvey said he’s barred from participating in the city council because of a political dispute with the mayor.

Ald. Lamont Brown is not allowed to conduct any government business until a court hearing next week, where a judge is expected to rule on whether Brown should be permanently removed from office.

Brown has two felony convictions on his record. Both are more than 20 years old, but no one with a felony conviction is allowed to serve as an elected city official in Illinois.

Brown acknowledged that’s true. But he said the mayor and his council allies knew about the convictions when they supported his campaign.

He said the legal challenge is political.

“We wouldn’t even be having this discussion if I was voting in favor of the mayor,” Brown said.

Mayoral spokesman Sean Howard said Brown has obstructed progress in Harvey.

Howard expects things to go more smoothly starting at tonight’s city council meeting.

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