Have dinner with The Girl & The Goat

Have dinner with The Girl & The Goat

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How would you and a friend like to have dinner with “Top Chef” winner Stephanie Izard? The Executive Chef of Girl & the Goat will be raffling invitations to one of the friends and family parties before the official opening of the restaurant in June. She will be giving away 1,000 goat buttons at the following events:

Green City Market, Saturday, May 15th at 11:30 a.m.; 61st Street Market, Saturday, May 22nd at 11:30 a.m.

Each button will have a number, and after the events above, she will draw 25 winning numbers and post them on www.stephanieizard.com Monday, May 24th. Each winner will be‚ invited to one of the friends and family parties date TBD with a guest.

But you, loyal reader, have a chance to score two tickets to the event simply by telling me why you should go. We’ve got the only two confirmed seats available this early. In the comments section here, write a‚ short poem, haiku, limerick or other witty plea, including the phrase “girl and the goat.” Deadline is Saturday morning, 11 a.m. Stephanie will choose one winner from all entries on Sunday, and we’ll show you her video justification here, first-thing Monday morning.

In addition, Stephanie is also working with Whole Foods on her favorite local products at the store. If you’re too lazy to write something here, but still want to get a raffle button, just shop at Whole Foods May 15th through the 22nd and buy one of the following items (or‚ just buy a local beer at one of Stephanie’s favorite bars, Rootstock):

Midwest pork products
Local asparagus
Milk & Honey
Sunshine Farms goat milk
Prairie Fruits Farm cheese
Carr Valley applewood smoked cheddar
Three Floyds beer
Half Acre beer